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On Failures and Fate Part 1

Looking back on this year, I realize that I have hella failed a lot in so many aspects. From semi-“failing” tests in my Major (Chemistry) to literally failing as a person to express myself fully, whether it be through actions, socially, or emotionally – I haven’t been a “perfect” person (there is no such thing… Continue reading On Failures and Fate Part 1

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Anakbayan New York N30 2016

As Anakbayan New York had it’s N30 Celebration, I want to tell y’all I’m part of an organization called Anakbayan New York. And I am so SO so proud of what they accomplished, what they’ve done, and I’m so proud of their very being. Below is what I propped up because I hella will remember… Continue reading Anakbayan New York N30 2016


First WordPress, First Blog Post

To my very first WordPress Blog Post, *cheers*. This is where all the long thoughts, posts, and blurbs of a forever madden and anxiety prone child-adult will be written. It will also be written alongside on Facebook and various other social medias, but here is where most of the heart and content will be expressed… Continue reading First WordPress, First Blog Post