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Anakbayan New York N30 2016

As Anakbayan New York had it’s N30 Celebration, I want to tell y’all I’m part of an organization called Anakbayan New York. And I am so SO so proud of what they accomplished, what they’ve done, and I’m so proud of their very being. Below is what I propped up because I hella will remember this moment for my life until the very end of time.

I didn’t know whether I wanted to paste this Letter I wrote for my Asian American Literature course at the end of the year after I survived my classes or before, BUT Y’ALL — I wrote about you all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ !!
Context: for our Asian American Literature course at the beginning of the year we were told to write a short introduction about ourselves (as well as send a picture). To those who know me – when I’m on a computer/keyboard and I have to semi-describe myself, it can get hella long and my letter is hella hella long.
So if you manage to make it through, hehe ❀ Let me say that as I am still learning, always want to learn, and analyzing the boundlessness that is this world – I’m really thankful that you all came 4+ times during POH 2015-2016 (man I keep remembering more times y’all dropped by LOL – the first to discuss about KBKN and prop up ABNY a bit in Oct/Nov 2015, the 2nd discussing about EHR and the Million Student March (which I didn’t go to unfortunately prob because of bougie attitude 😦 ) – you propped yourselves again in Oct/Nov 2015 I think(?), the 3rd to discuss about the conditions of Women in the Philippines and the migration stories in May of this year(?), and the 4th when you discussed about Rice Not Bullets in April of this year(?).
In 6 months I have learned about the conditions of the world in more relevance than what I have been taught and analyzed in the past 20 years. In 6 months I have learned skills, analysis, perspectives, and knowledge that I have (and still am) searching for than what I have acquired in the past 20 years. IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS, I HAVE AND ALWAYS SEARCHED FOR A PLACE WHERE I CAN LEARN NEW SKILLS, EFFICIENTLY WORK MYSELF TO THE BONE AND TO CREATE PROGRESS NOT ONLY FOR MYSELF BUT FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THOSE MOST OPPRESSED AND ALL THOSE WITHIN ALL SECTORS OF CLASS SOCIETY, AND TO LEARN ABOUT MYSELF IN AN ENVIRONMENT FULL OF EDUCATION, ACTION, AND ORGANIZATION – to make plans but also engage in what true democracy is about, where person’s thoughts and words are discussed, listened, and struggled – where unity is obtained in order to progress forward as one – and to show what People Power truly is; that that is what will lead the future (and not just the high elects of society or people with weaponry). WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE TRUE MAKERS OF HISTORY!

If you manage to read through the entire letter, I still consider myself mad shy and dam y’all I’m pretty sure I cried writing the letter and I cr.y looking at our N30 and. yea. THIS WAS IN BACK IN AUGUST SO I WAS STILL LEARNING A HELLA LOT OF STUFF

“You didn’t specify a limit (which I should’ve asked) but here goes (be prepared to read A LOT x) !!)

Other than the facts discussed on Friday’s class, I am a shy, introverted, and a kid energized motivated student. I have been trying to develop the courage for public speaking, talking, and engaging with anyone – but that is still a growing attribute that I would like to thank a certain group (which will be described later). I am able to portray myself better [I would say] in two ways: one is through typing it out, as I can create chunks upon chunks and go on to the ends of time writing about feelings, emotions, and descriptions of myself or my thoughts. The other is through a welcoming and open presence space [of intellect], where the other people(s) engage me with questions and vice versa, where topics can flow and have no direction, where real questions can lead to real answers or no answer at all, but the ultimate factor is that the environment is open minded and we discuss to the full extent until the end of time (this is still a scenario I wish to have with someone, I could say it sorta happened, but I would like to engage more in said scenarios). I also like to ask a lot of questions, whether about life, but I seem to ask a lot of philosophical and psychological questions – which I don’t care for an exact answer but I would like to discuss it nonetheless . Due to my shy nature, I would rather have questions asked towards me for an answer to be given, and if I don’t have one – I’ll be honest and say I don’t have an answer; can’t make any conclusions or draw thoughts on the topic at this time.

I can be described as always happy, energized, and kid enthusiastic because honestly I love the feeling of happiness (and learning)! I keep an open mind, I absorb a lot of what others have to say (whether in school or engaging in conversation with people), and I always love to listen more towards others! I would rather orient the conversation and learn from others because of many aspects: a first being I haven’t really talked to a lot of people in life, but I love the stories – the journeys, the sights, the visions, the feelings that people have and can describe in a conversation. And two, honestly I don’t like the sound of my voice because from my POV inside myself it sounds “okay” but through recordings and etc I don’t really like it, it sounds really squeaky and non-appealing in my opinion . If one is able to get two sentences or so out of me, I’ll probably already consider you a great friend of mine . (I also like using a lot of emoticons). But listening, I love to listen, I like hearing the stories, the travels, the experience that people undergo (that I may not in my lifetime(?)) yet to extents empathizing and just hearing it OOH! it’s really exciting [for me] πŸ˜€ !!

My memory as of late isn’t really serving me well: I tend to forget a lot of stuff and I don’t really remember English lessons (so please pardon if I am creating long run-on sentences, using incorrect punctuation(s) and etc ;-; ). Interesting, pivotal, and important points that have effected who I am are some memories I can really remember well. I do hope to keep my grades up, but I don’t want it to just be based on memorizing then spewing out knowledge (like most Science courses are…at most schools). I would rather have practical, engaging, and opening classes that help me to be me, expand who I am, and ‘criticize, evaluate, and remold’ who I am. The last bit of criticize, evaluate, and remold is a part I learned from joining Anakbayan New York, which shall most likely be described in the next paragraph!

Most likely this will be my last chunk bit as you may have many other students letters to read, but yes, to many aspects and beyond I would actually like to give my utmost gratitude and thanks to [activist, grassroots based] organizations, especially Anakbayan New York. If you know of Anakbayan New York Professor, yays! but if not, Anakbayan New York is a comprehensive Filipino Youth based organization that serves community based issues, engages in [local] campaigns, and iterates the true nature of Filipino history – the struggle, the revolution, and the power of the masses. “Serve the People!” is a phrase often said and often seen through this organization. The lessons, educations, self-build up and time go towards the people, for their struggle to be evaluated and to extents solved, and for liberation among the oppressed sectors of [PH] society – because [honestly] if people care enough about other people’s lives, the distribution of wealth, resource, and food can help one another live and strive for another day to be seen (this can be a conversation of itself in another discussion). This year, June 18, 2016, I officially joined Anakbayan New York in order to serve the people, to make and address the issues of Filipin@ society (I think the @ is a short-cut for Filipino/a , yet I tried looking it up online and really haven’t gotten a concise answer onto what it exactly is, so if I do use it, it refers to again Filipino/a) back home in the Philippines (and abroad), as well sharpening myself as an individual for the people: through criticism, evaluation, and remolding. In honesty and beyond, THAT is what I had sought out in my life: to learn of true Filipino History, the struggles and endurance of the people, to learn why various solutions world-wide haven’t helped solved or made a “third-world” country modernized as well yet (?!?), to shape myself into a better individual for the betterment of the people – through heavy criticism, evaluation, judgement, and then attempt said points to remolding myself. I didn’t seek and bring myself into a college setting just to spew out knowledge that isn’t used in a practical daily life situation, to engage in social settings that doesn’t serve the people but rather just an “elite few,” and I definitely wasn’t brought in a college setting just to be “work ready, get a job, make money.” I’m here to find and identify myself, to use strengths and fortitude to enlighten and bring about change for as much people as possible, and to learn of true history and practice that can bring about change for the people. To work and discuss as a collective, to be self-sufficient and building each other up, to be able to knit our bonds in order to serve the people – has been enlightening. To learn and discuss why certain countries are the way that they are…AND LITERALLY the fact that ALL OF US could potentially TOGETHER bring up said countries that have been bringing us up (aka the US and other “first-world” countries) in this modern day society, I’m. No words. But getting back to Anakbayan New York, it has been amazing, seeing my ethics, efficiency, and powers be used, redefined, newly acquired for the benefit of the organization, ally organizations, but most importantly for the people, has truly been a dream come true.
To stand up for what is right, in this day and age’s plight, we who choose to fight, shall be a guiding light. Honestly it’s not okay to stay silent about issues, “if you stay silent, then you are on the side of the oppressor,” and many other quotes can attest and ring truths. As long as the right [fight] is for the benefit of the people, then there is nothing wrong and I do not understand why so many people are scared to speak up. THIS WORLD IS BUILT FOR THE BETTERMENT OF PEOPLE YET PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP AND STAND FOR OTHERS. It’s okay to question, it’s okay to criticize, it’s okay to be.

I probably have much more to discuss, whether in person or even typing here yet again, but yes ! Thank you for creating such an open space of intellect, as well as making a comfortable environment for both the students and yourself – because for the first time in all of my classes, I feel like I can be a bit more of myself rather than clutched and awkward and feel “dumb.” I can’t wait to read these exciting stories (also I’m a slow reader so yea, that will be a struggle I must overcome!) and to discuss to various extents (if possible).
I also thank people who are able to read my long long passages that I write, so to making it to the end of my big chunk of writing – thank you, and I hope it was a good read!

To an exciting year, and to a year for great change for the people!
Michael G.

(attached shall be a photo of my kasama(s) – translation from Tagalog means comrade(s), they hold me up daily, and give me strength that goes beyond just friends’ friendships. The struggle, mass line work, and build up for the people make me strive to be a better means for the people. They criticize, evaluate, listen, and help me remold myself to grow, challenge, and redefine myself. This is what I’ve sought out for in life, and will continuously endeavor until the end of time. The picture may not contain all of them, but here is to one day, where the world (or at least all our schedules) fit and where all the kasamas can make it into one picture.
Also the quote that really has touched me and forever emblazoned in my person from ABNY is “THE PEOPLE, UNITED, SHALL NEVER BE DEFEATED!!!” because like described before, when the people unite for a just means for the betterment of the people, nothing can stand in their way.)”



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