Night Thoughts

Tonight I get ready for an educational teaching tomorrow on Philippines Society and Revolution. I am hella Agit (agitated) excited and ready to learn!! To learn of the blood, passions, scars, and determination of the Filipino people to rise against colonial rule and to fight for a Just and Lasting Peace for all Filipino people.

Yes there has been struggle, yes there has been torments and corruption, yes it wavers the trust, social standing, and viewpoints of many – but that is why the National Democratic Movement (with a Socialist Perspective) lives on. That is why this insight and reality for a just and fair living for all exists – that it is within and shown by many of us – so we are here, We Are Here.

Also I am hella on edge just because the Parental unit is here at home and pretty sure I’ll get yelled at but it’s okay. For the strength and numbers of kasamas (comrades) present will give me strength…and show that we are a People and not just a substantive thought. Also they give me hella strength because of their struggle and living as each and every unique individual – so I am really really excited to see insight and criticize sorta my lifestyle just because … I feel simplistic but I’m pretty sure we’re spend thrifty -> therefore we must combat such a liberalism.

For tomorrow being an exciting day ~!! I can’t wait to see who rolls through and learn about Philippine History šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ !!


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