Night Thoughts

Tonight feels like a lonesome night for reflection, maybe a poem or phrase if I can think about it. Today we did an excellent teach-in, whether it was a small turnout or big, a win is always a win. The week is going to be hectic busy for me now but still, I shall keep up and stress and still strive to be the very best I am.

I will be writing about it soon, but I stress about the little things. I can never be as calm or happy as people see me to be, but I am quite content with what I have. My silence and shy outlook on life is what I am, but there is much more I believe. I do not have as shedding confidence as others do, but I would like to someday. For someday I can be the me I want to be and be as free as I shall ever feel.

Also we started cleaning the house today in preparation for an amazing study!! I can’t wait to have the kasamas (comrades) in our place to gain a sharper analysis and to fully understand the troubles and struggles back home in the Philippines. Another topic to discussion is the topic of sheltering and isolation, however tonight is a night on just general analysis I feel. And I shall end it at there, hehe 🙂


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