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So this semester I stuffed my classes into technically two days (I’m taking 5 classes … 4+1 lab class – they fall on Tues/Fri and technically 1 class on Wednesday) and it’s mad stress and I don’t recommend it to folks FYI lmao. Anyway my bag during Tuesdays and Fridays can weigh up to 5-10 pounds and guys, that is mad stress on one’s back – it’s literally like a beer belly or a turtle’s shell is on my back and I have to carry it like mad everywhere. Also to point out that my classes are back to back…so my back (omg the repetition of the word back is killing me LMAO – literally me and literally my back 😭😭😭).

But like, after feeling a little stress about my backpack today I actually felt inspired about it and wrote what somewhat feels like an uplifting poem:

What I carry is not a burden

What I carry is not a pain

What I carry is not a heartache

What I carry is not a shame

What I do carry

Are my Dreams

The Hopes of Past, Present, and Future

To use what I have learned

To educate and progress with Determined People

For together

We shall rise

-Mike G, 10/25/16

And then my day literally fell apart after my morning class at 11:00AM so yea.


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