Thoughts of the Night

As posted on Facebook I felt really estranged about today, especially after doing so much homework and the fact my sister obtained a flaky piece of paper that honors her a Bachelor’s of Arts degree even though she majored in Chemistry.

“To a degree I feel um today. Today we learned of our enrollment dates for Spring Semester 2017 today (for those in Hunter College, if you didn’t know, look at your emails from time to time). Usually I would feel whatever/sorta ready competitive in spirit but technically I only have 1 more class needed to actually obtain a Chemistry degree from this school (I already have over 120 credits and have fulfilled everything else – I actually say haha when people tell me I could’ve walked during the Winter or so, but I was like No.Thanks).

I guess I actually feel scared of what the future holds because I now have 5 million things to consider and think about now 😐 😯 . I also figured out why I haven’t been doing/considered doing a thesis – because (I think) at Hunter’ Chemistry department you have to take 2 required classes to then get considered doing a “Honors Thesis” which then may or may not get approved after kissing so much asses at the school – that was one of many university/bougie stuff I couldn’t agree with and getting the classes now is a bit late in the game for me so… No.Thanks (I’ll consider about a thesis sometime later – I’d rather see experiments and ideas come to live in a collaborative effort).

I actually have a set of classes I wanna take but some don’t seem to be offered in the spring anymore… I hope that changes *sighs*. I also hope my professor will be teaching German Society and Culture (something along those lines) next semester just because I’d actually invest and ask about its Socialist programs, initiatives, and how it came to be. She was very knowledgeable and I’d like to take a course with her again before I leave this place.

I’m also a bit hesitant of what to do next. I mean I got a effin Chemistry “Pre-Med” degree but for what? I actually wanna do a lot of stuff but I feel like people always say limit yourself and narrow it to one field. Like bruh – I would like to actually see/create/design a chemical(s) or “filtering machine” that can purify the waters here and world-wide. I would actually like to decrease the CO2 levels whether that be naturally and conservatively growing new plants and stuff all around, designing a machine that can pack, store or even convert the CO2 into energy or something else (non-harmful), or figuring out something about it. Next on my list of many things to see if we can trickle down the O2 levels of the ocean and rejuvenate a whole ecosystem aka the Barrier reef by some majestic way of actually understanding why there is too much O2 in the ocean (sorta talked it out with the sis, in order for O2 to stay aqueous in the ocean it needs to be cold but because of Global warming and heat yet someone its..not(?) I mean I guess some parts of the world it’s getting hotter while other are getting…colder (?)).
Another thing I would actually like to take on is fighting the Education system here in the US to actually teach a more scientific, culturally appropriate, and Pro-People education (especially after doing some freshman High-school kid’s paper) like bruh no this blatant essay on rebellions and choosing a side…no . Like get classes more involved and practical (not only in History but also for my subject Chemistry and the sciences). Like make more debates on “controversial” topics of today’s society whether US based or even in other countries. MAKE.KIDS.THINK. invest their time into reforming and shaping the world for a better place for all rather than few small bunches. As for the sciences portion, I totally agree with my friend, because of the vast amount of expectations, knowledge, and lectures and crap on needs to store within HS and then 4-6+ more years in college, like, that is a major turn-off for a lot of young students probably and be like. Nah. But like I want them to lime say Yah. I want them to see the practical side of the sciences and that the actual labor work, such as injecting needles (which hopefully will be rid of in the future later) into patients, mixing the batches of chemicals and dyes together to make soaps or stuff, or any other safe and general practice are the applications of the science that will make them invest their time and curiosity and need to actually make a difference through this route. No more stress and sleepless days for us all. Please.
I would also sorta like to see scientists organize and fight capitalists (or all together eff capitalism) and actually just create Pro-People stuff for the people . Like. Yea. No

I mean I guess I like the environment and chemical related issues, as well as patients and doctoral stuff, and other stuff revolving around the chemistry world – so The last thing I’d like to do is narrow my field of vision and thinking for a placid job just because . I’d rather see myself (as well as others) go beyond their limits.
Also I don’t believe in the whole “you need as degree to get this job, or etc, or blah blah same spiel” Like. No. I’m a chemist but I can also do math (simplistic but also interested for calculus to a degree from time to time), know and like learning history (learning PH, true US.. and would like to know other world history), trying to comprehend the English language and writing, can do basic human skills that somehow many other people may not know how to do yet (such as cook, clean the dishes, laundry, house (lazy on the house 😦 ), pay some bills here and there for the Parents), know a bit of German, draw here and there, curious and spongey for interesting facts and stories, can type like a Secretary at a decent pace and hopefully much more. So y’all. You are never limited. Y’all have boundless skills that should be explored here and there and shown time to time 😊 it’s what makes the world a bit of a more interesting place.”


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