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Academia and Political Analysis

To a degree I still can’t call myself a true Scientist just because I haven’t fully done research or topics or actually done practical practices in the last 20 years because either I’m not doing enough or the enough is not finding me (I think it’s the precursor and I’m really lazy 😦 ).

But to that fact, I love it when I have what I term discussionals (discussions but I skew and break the English language, so please bare with me) with friends outside of our “Major” because you know, the world doesn’t revolve around just one topic. Yes I am a Chemistry Major, focused on “Pre-Med”, but since around the time of a bit young involuntarily – but now more in June of this year – I love to hear Political Analysis and thoughts.

Recently I had a discussional with a friend, and YO, to my surprise I would have never guessed for that person to be as analytical. She had deemed herself a Logician, which I shall glorify and give her credit because indeed, she does her background checks and informational gathering to a perfect T. Other than people always blaspheming and saying their comments upon certain figures – like she and I came to the conclusion (as well as discussing it with other peers in a precursor state), if you don’t do further research and you just stick to your opinion, and you can’t accept other thoughts and opinions surrounding the matter – life will never move on. Also if you’re a pessimist and you can’t advance forward for the People and even yourself, like.Goodbye. Because if you always analyze the negative and just downright hold absolute hate for some people while I’m always this preppy, cheery, somewhat tired looking fellow – then I can’t and I’ll get really tired and sad and pessimism upsets me and makes me depressed. So please, do research and try being happy.

As for academia – I am an absolute nerd for Chemistry; General, Organic, to a degree BioPhysical (since I deem it as Advanced General Chem) and I guess Inorganic. And with such academia, just as my friend had pointed out, it leads us to logically and conclusively step by step analyze the world I guess – which in a sense is quite nice. I like being able to draw conclusions, whether rapid or slowly, and actually make sure whether the end product will create progress for me as well as hopefully many other people. This kind of application is what I’d love to see in Politics (which to a degree I’m sorta seeing but most of them seem like their not doing but I still believe in them sooooo), like red tape, laws and waiting, time and bougie acts and thinking – Like.No. Stop already and hurry up to help the world progress for all instead of only progressing the world for yourself because bruh. the world revolves around collective action to bring about change for all and not just the *cough1%cough*. Still dreaming that Dream that we’ll all stand and fight and consciously be aware that we, the [working and progressive thinking] People, can stand up together and fight for what is right and as another friend said, if the incentive and weaponry in the world don’t exist, literally the 1% would crumble and people can progress forward as a whole. Hierarchy and other Manifest Destiny and Power Consumption thinking – like.No. like stop thinking like that and making the world think like that. We literally should be progressing forward as a whole and collectively sharing knowledge and action in order for the land to be deemed worthy and aided.


This land is so vast, and there are so many variables to Academia and Politics. But here is my first blurb thought on it and yea, I loved talking so in an academically political logician way because you know what – discussing, criticizing, and actually bringing the subject up is quite nice. I want to learn, and I want to be the best person for as much people and still be me as well – a very always happy guy who still has the heart of a child and a sponge for a brain 😀 .


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